The Pink Boots
The Pink Boots


"About three things I was pretty positive.

First, I was in love with Maya: the girl had a seriously bad coke habit and was doing my head in.Second, I was in love with Tayel: the boy was gorgeous and funny but there was a part of him he hid from me. Third, I was totally and utterly screwed.”

Abandoned in a toilet as a baby, Jamie Skyla has never known real love until she meets Tayel. He’s the new guy in town, who comes to represent everything she’s never had. Among the druggie crowd in the park, the squat parties and their wall of sound, she finds a home in his arms. What Jamie doesn’t realize, is that the closer she gets to him, the stranger he becomes.

A dark intriguing story of love and redemption, The Pink Boots exposes the underbelly of a lost generation.